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The Institute for Trauma, Adversity, and Resilience in Higher Education



Recognizing and naming how trauma and adversity impact the adult learner generates a critical brain-based perspective and lens through which the college builds upon skills of resilience to orient pedagogy, support services, and holistic institutional practices encouraging academic access and success for all students.


Promote understanding in higher education and the larger community of the profound impact trauma and adversity have on the learning brain 以及学业韧性 in higher education, 以及如何以优势为基础, trauma-informed campus and community can productively support development of critical importance to academic and workplace success.


  1. Progressively grow and sustain a culture of trauma-informed knowledge and best practices across the institution.
  2. Research funding, design, and protocols for ethical and responsible Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) style questionnaire in order to create an empirical portrait querying the link between trauma, adversity, 以及学业韧性.
  3. Develop a digital community site that provides resources and networking information by means of literature, research, events, lectures, publications, conferences, and continuing education regarding trauma-informed educational practices, neurobiological insights relevant to higher education, as well as resilience as a skill of use in academia and the workplace.


Please contact Dr. Jeanie Tietjen at or 781.239.2203 获取更多信息,包括资源, speaking engagements, 探索合作, 或者融资机会.

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