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在皇冠线上官网注册在线课程! 皇冠线上官网课程格式和定义



With the health and safety of our community as the driving factor, in early June the decision was made to offer all fall classes at 皇冠线上官网 remote or online. Each class is marked as “remote” or “online” in the 课程. Note, there are a handful of “blended” courses in our automotive, biotechnology, and health sciences programs that have on-campus laboratory components. 请查看我们的详细信息 校园安全计划 对于参加混合课程的学生.

Remote — Remote classes are held at scheduled class times each week (synchronous delivery) using free video conference technology. The proportion and use of video conferencing will vary from course to course. Course materials will be delivered through a learning management system such as Blackboard.

Online — Online classes do not meet at a specific date and time each week (asynchronous delivery). Students are required to engage weekly with the material in Blackboard, 皇冠线上官网学习管理系统, 按时提交作业. 作业可能包括视频, 记录讲座, 讨论版, tests, and quizzes and can be completed any time before the assigned deadline (usually weekly).

Blended — Students in blended courses will have scheduled lab meetings on campus and receive a portion of the course instruction remotely or online. The proportion of online or remote instruction will vary from course to course.





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