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The Office of Grants Development

资助发展办公室负责确定和支持资助活动,以支持学院的使命和战略计划. 资助发展办公室鼓励和支持教职员工申请资助,以进一步发展新的和现有的机构, divisional, 部门和项目目标:

  • 支持以学习者为中心的环境,鼓励创新, incorporates current technology, reflects best practices, 并为学院社区提供专业发展
  • establish rigorous curricula, relevant programs of study, 和统一的支持服务,以促进保留, certificate/degree completion, transfer, and employment
  • 通过加强与工商业界的合作,为学生提供清晰的教育和就业途径, community agencies, schools, and colleges and universities

赠款发展办公室通过开展研究和促进与赠款有关的社区来支持与赠款有关的活动, industry, and individual partnerships. 该办公室为寻求资金的教职员工提供援助和专业发展, including identification of funding sources; proposal preparation and writing; contacting funding sources; submission of proposals, including electronic submission; assistance in preparing budgets; and preparation of interim and final reports.